Saturday, June 23, 2012

Recent Tenkara Sasquatch Expedition

Kirk at the River Mud blog recently wrote a post about an outing he and his young son Hank took in Southeastern Pennsylvania in pursuit of the tenkara sasquatch.  Although they didn't meet the beast face to face, there were clearly some "just missed 'em" experiences.  This was one of my favorites...

Well, the Pennsylvanian villagers wonder why Tenkara Sasquatch is always so mad,
but then the Pennsylvanian villagers leave Tenkara Sasquatch nasty tea biscuits to eat,
and this horrible freaking rough-cut lumber bed to sleep in.  Duh.
Note to Tenkara Sasquatch: we will totally hook you up with some more tea biscuits.
Hank is real sorry he ate all of yours.

Full post "Hank and the Search for Pennsylvania's Tenkara Sasquatch" found HERE.